PESCO works with our customers to provide the lowest cost approach to tank removal and replacement.  If total facilities rebuilds or ground up facilities installation is required, PESCO can also:

  • Conduct a plan review and bid preparation 

  • Carry out permit acquisition

  • Organize materials acquisition and delivery 

  • Carry out engineering recommendations for excavation, backfilling and construction drainage work

  • Manage and carry out de-watering operations 

  • Provide complete Department of Ecology documentationof services performed 


With our highly qualified team of building professionals, we have been able to provide our customers with the most outstanding final products in our field.  We have the proven ability to;

  • Provide timely plan reviews and submittals

  • Work knowledgeably with permitting officials

  • Communicate intelligently with architects & manage subcontractors efficiently

  • Respond quickly to changes desired by Owners

  • Ready to go when scheduled

  • Complete the project by or before the promised date, presenting the Owner with a facility to be proud of.

  • Certified pipe fabrication services 


In June of 1996 Pacific Environmental Services Company expanded its services to offer complete canopy engineering, manufacturing and installation as well as building design and fascia retrofits.  To date we have manufactured and erected hundreds of canopies for large and small independent oil companies, government entities, school districts, retailers, private businesses, and other contractors. 

  • PESCO maintains a 15,000 square foot metal fabrication shop to manufacture a trusted high quality product in a timely manner. 

  • Canopy and fascia retrofits as well as canopy repairs. 

  • Rebranding 

  • PESCO  loads and delivers your canopy to the jobsite where our crews will erect them. 

  •  Estimates for any of our canopy services can be provided within a timely manner


PESCO has completed UST excavation and site remediation on numerous sites in all types of conditions including:

  • Sites used as major oil or marketer service stations and bulk terminal facilities

  • Sites containing commercial underground storage tanks and generations of hydrocarbon contamination

  • Sites near water courses with deep or shallow groundwater

  • Sites located in environmentally sensitive areas

  • Sites located in highly urban and pristine rural environments

In conjunction with engineering consultants, PESCO has installed the following site remediation systems:

  • Oil/water separators 

  • Free product recovery

  • Soil vapor extraction 

  • Soil aeration 

  • Solid phase remediation 

  • Water treatment systems 

Our basic objective has been the management of soil excavations to isolate and remove hydrocarbon contamination in the most cost effective manner that gets the job done quickly in compliance with all necessary regulations and reduces client’s potential future liability.

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